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Our retail store not only sells cleaners, but we are also an authorized repair service center.  Dunrite Pools in-store service department handles warranty and non-warranty repairs for many cleaners.  Not sure which cleaner is best for you?  Let us help you with your decision and any questions you may have.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Dolphin S50 – Above ground unit – does bottom and will do slopes – does not climb the walls.

Dolphin S200 – Entry Level Inground Cleaner – Unit cleans bottom and slopes of the pool, the unit goes ½ way up the side wall of the pool and then turns around and goes back – does not scrub the waterline. 2 Year Warranty

Dolphin S300i – Full featured cleaner – Unit goes up the side walls of the pool, scrubs the tile line, does the bottom and the slopes – Comes with a cart and can be controlled by an iphone or android phone.  3 Year warranty.

Dolphin M200 - Cleans floors and walls only, top load cartridges, no cart included. 3 Year Warranty.

Dolphin M400 – Same as S300i with the addition of a 3rd spinning brush on the bottom – This is their premier cleaner – with the most features. 

Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Aquabot Rapids 1500 – Full featured cleaner with top loading canisters.  2 year warranty – Will climb walls and scrub waterline.

Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners:

Polaris TR35P – Requires a booster pump – great replacement unit for Polaris 180,280,380 and 3900 Sport

Polaris TR36P – No booster pump required – Great replacement for Polaris 360