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Our retail store not only sells cleaners, but we are also an authorized repair service center.  Dunrite Pools in-store service department handles warranty and non-warranty repairs for many cleaners.  Not sure which cleaner is best for you?  Let us help you with your decision and any questions you may have.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Dolphin S50/Active10 – Above ground unit – does bottom and will do slopes – does not climb the walls.

Dolphin S200/Active20 – Full Feature Entry Level Pool Cleaner - Cleans floor, walls & waterline - Basic Power Supply - No Bluetooth.

Dolphin S300i/Active30i – Full featured cleaner – Unit goes up the side walls of the pool, scrubs the tile line, does the bottom and the slopes – Comes with a cart and can be controlled by an iphone or android phone.  2 Year warranty.

Dolphin M200 - Cleans floors and walls only, top load cartridges, no cart included. 3 Year Warranty.

Dolphin M400 – Maytronics most popular cleaner - Equipped with many features and a 3rd sprinning brush on the bottom - This cleaner goes up side walls, scrubs the waterline, and does the bottom and slopes - comes with cart - can be controlled by iphone or android phone - 3 year warranty.

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Dolphins Rebates

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M200, S200 & Active 20 - $25.00 Mial in Rebate

M400, S300 & Active 30 - $50.00 Mail in Rebate

M500, S300i & Active 30i - $75.00 Mail in Rebate

*All Units must be purchased by July 31, 2019.

*Mail in Rebate requests must be submitted by August 30, 2019.

Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Aquabot Rapids 1500 – Full featured cleaner with top loading canisters.  2 year warranty – Will climb walls and scrub waterline.

Polaris Pressure Pool Cleaners:

Polaris TR35P – Requires a booster pump – great replacement unit for Polaris 180,280,380 and 3900 Sport

Polaris TR36P – No booster pump required – Great replacement for Polaris 360

Polaris Quattro Sport - Powered by a booster pump, the Quattro Sport is ideal for all in-ground pool surfaces.

Polaris 3900 Sport - The Polaris 3900 Sport pressure cleaner works in all in-ground pools, and requires a booster pump. The 3900 Sport includes TailSweep PRO, an advanced sweep hose enhancement that blows debris out of corners and hard to reach places, while also keeping water from spraying outside the pool. No more wet windows or walkways!