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Aquacal Heat Pumps – Tropical Units all have a 2 year full Labor Warranty and 7 Year Parts Warranty

Aquacal Heat Pumps:  2 SQ units and Tropical Units all have a 2 year full Labor Warranty and 7 Year Parts Warranty – The best warranty in the industry.  
Dunrite Pools can extend your summer with a pool heater. Dunrite Pools offers various models from AquaCal, including TropiCal and HeatWave SuperQuiet.  Living on Long Island and having a pool can sometimes be challenging due to the weather, but with a pool heater from Dunrite Pools, you can enjoy the comfort of a warm swim from early morning to late at night. Keeping your pool properly heated can increase its value and lengthen your swimming season. If you’re searching for superior comfort and control, you can find it at Dunrite Pools’ collection of top-notch, highly efficient pool heaters for in-ground, and above ground pools. Install a world-class in-ground pool heater for the ultimate in luxury. You will have a worry free heating system with AquaCal’s 2 year labor and 7 year parts warranty backed by Dunrite’s 47 years of Quality Service.


AquaCal Heat Pumps Heat Pumps – Tropical Models

AC-108-TropiCal-1-1   AC-106-HWSQ-1

Brochure AC 108 Trpical

Brochure AC 106 Heat wave super quiet

ac016 ac108

From AquaCal’s site

Introducing the new look of the TropiCal®, a very dependable and efficient heat pump.

  • High performance titanium heat exchanger (Patented ThermoLink®  in the T90T115 and T135 models)
  • Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle allows operation down to mid to low 40s °F
  • Lockable, flip-out control panel protected against sun and weather
  • Built-in drain pan for condensate management
  • Impact resistant, rust and fade proof cabinet
  • Quieter than conventional heat pumps

Rated in accordance with ARI standard 1160



Dunrite Pools Long Islands source for AquaCal Pool Heaters



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