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How can I keep my pool water clear over the winter months and upon opening?

All pools, when covered (no matter what type of cover you have), require winter chemical treatment to keep the water clear. Here are some helpful tips.

In the beginning of April (or at least four weeks prior to opening your pool) pour two gallons of liquid shock into the pool either by undoing a couple of springs, or directly through your mesh pool cover. Make sure to hose the cover down thoroughly.

Then one week prior to taking off your cover, add one gallon of algaecide. If you are not opening your pool until June, it is recommended you use one gallon of algaecide in May and then one gallon the week prior to the opening. A good rule of thumb: when tree leaves and flowers begin to bloom so does the algae in water, so think about shocking your pool early. It’s a lot easier to kill the algae before it goes full bloom.

REMEMBER: There are many different types of algae, not only green algae. So it is important that whatever type of cover you own – mesh or solid – that you maintain proper chemicals especially when the weather turns warm.

When you’re ready to open, the most you will need to do is power vacuum the pool and start your summer chemical program.

What are the proper water levels for my LOOP-LOC safety cover?

During the winter months, the ideal water levels in your swimming pool are determined by the type of cover you have.

Mesh covers: 15″-18″ below the top of the swimming pool.
Solid covers:  12″-16″ below the top of the swimming pool.

This is important for supporting the weight of the snow on the cover. Allowing the water levels to drop below the recommendations will put excess stress on the cover and will void your warranty.

How should I store my LOOP-LOC cover during the summer months?

When removing the cover from the swimming pool we recommend that you unhook the springs from the anchors at one end of the pool and then moving forward accordion fold the cover one section at a time. Once the cover is folded, use the storage bag provided to store your cover.

It is important to not store the cover directly on the ground, as mice like to nest inside the cover and can cause damage that will not be covered under the 15-year pro-rated warranty. A nail can be placed high up off the ground in your shed, and you can hang the cover from the nail, or the use of an outdoor garbage pail is a good alternative storing place.

Please remember when reinstalling your cover in the winter to check the tensioning of all straps every year. Covers tend to stretch out over the winter months, so upon installation make sure your cover still fits tight like a trampoline and check that your water levels are at the proper height.

Why won’t my solid cover drain properly?

It is important to make sure that the cover be installed – and remain – tightly stretched across your pool. The adjustable springs on your ULTRA-LOC cover should be compressed about 60% at all times. Adjust as needed to maintain this 60% compression, but may need additional adjustments to promote proper drainage. Run a garden hose over the entire cover for at least 5 minutes, simulating a heavy rainfall. If water still accumulates keep adjusting the springs until the water drains completely.

What is the proper way to use the automatic cover pump that came with my cover?

The automatic cover pump (supplied with your solid cover or through your swimming pool dealer) is used to remove water that accumulates on your LOOP-LOC cover. In addition to water accumulating due to rain and or snow, water may also seep up through the material seams during the winter months when snow and ice force the cover to come into contact with the pool water.

Left unchecked, there is a strong possibility that a substantial amount of pool water may be pumped out of the pool. Once the cover begins to exceed the depressed level of 16″ below the deck, excess stress is placed on the cover, hardware, coping and deck. At this point, cover/hardware failure is possible, and the product warranty is void.

If this pool-pumping condition exists, it is necessary to correct the pools’ water level immediately.

Please refer to the Care and Maintenance document for additional information about your pool cover.

My cover has a rip/tear in it. Can this be repaired?

In most cases LOOP-LOC covers can be repaired, but in order to make the determination the cover must be evaluated at LOOP-LOC to determine the extent of damage, along with the cost of the repair.

For holes 3″ or smaller, LOOP-LOC sells Self-Adhesive Patch Kits. The patch size is 4″ x 8″ and come 3 to a pack. Please note that holes larger than 3″ need to be sent in to be repaired in order to maintain the safety features of the cover.

For holes larger than 3″, please contact the swimming pool professional that you purchased the cover from. Find their contact information here or complete a merchandise return form online and return your cover.

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