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New proprietary technology means measuring for your pool is faster, easier and accurate.

Dunrite Pools uses the priority Image-Loc technology pioneered by Loop-Loc to accurately and quickly measure your pool. Thanks to this new technique we can easily and quickly replace your old Loop-Loc cover.

“Do I have to drill new holes for a replacement cover?”

Often concerned home owners will ask, “Do I have to drill new holes for a replacement cover?” The answer is no. Image-Loc technology means accurate measurements. We can use your existing holes and grommets as long as they are in good condition.

“I purchased a new house, but it came with an old Loop-Loc cover. Can you help me replace it?”

Yes. Our staff will contact Loop-Loc directly and research the cover’s purchase history. Additionally, we offer a free measurement service. Before your order is placed our trained and experienced staff will verify the measurements for accuracy.

“How do you create a replica of my old cover?”


If you have the old cover we can use the old cover as a template to create a new cover. If the old cover has been discarded we can still help you. Using Image-Loc technology we can accurately measure the pool, allowing and the home owner to use the existing grommet system.

“How does Image-Loc work?”

Image-loc is a photo-based pool measurement technology. This proprietary technology allows the pool cover measurements to be taken simply by shooting photos with a camera instead of taking point–to-point measurements. The photos are used to create a highly accurate and complete set of measurements of the perimeter and surrounding landscapes.

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