Led Lights

LED Lights and Bulbs

These replacement light fixtures and bulbs have 3 year warranties – (Hayward is 1, not purchased with a pool and 3 with an entire pool purchase)

Hayward ColorLogic LED lights

 hayward_led_lightsBring color to all corners of your backyard oasis with ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED lights! The new 1.5-inch pool, spa or accent lights provide low-profile, total color coordination of all water environments and complete synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights. With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows, the ColorLogic 1.5-inch light is ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, and other water features.

These lights are featured in Dunrite’s Led package when you order a new pool and choose a LED light option your

Hayward recently announced the addition of ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED lights to the LED lighting family. The new accent lighting provides total color coordination of all water environments, and is the easiest 1.5″ light to install.

Already have a pool installed?

Dunrite Pools have 2 in-store options for after market lights.  Come into the store or call the service department.  Splash Lights from J and J Electronics are an excellent well priced option.




J&J’s Color Splash 3G (3rd Generation) color-changing LED pool and spa lamps provide 3 times brighter light output than their 2G predecessors. Color Splash 3G lamps come with 7 solid colors, multiple color blends.


WaterColors LED Energy-Efficient Pool and Spa Lights.

Add Ambiance to your In-ground Pool or Spa 


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